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                   Finding Fangorn.


Finding Fangorn started with a search to find new outdoor places to visit and discover with my son, Hugo. It draws on this experience of actively looking for what is left of old woodland spaces within Liverpool to explore and act out a child’s make-believe scenarios. Fangorn as in Tolkien's 'Fangorn Forest' is a fantasy place and what is left of these woodland spaces are used by many to escape from the urbanisation that surrounds them through a suggestion of wilderness. Hugo suffers from Epilepsy with developmental delay. Whilst Finding Fangorn explores photography’s innate ability to document experiences and places, as the father of a disabled child, it is also through exploration, discovery and imaginative play, about finding Hugo.


The project currently concentrates on fourteen of these woods within Metropolitan Liverpool. Whilst the heart of the project is photographing Hugo at play, it also extends to documenting the spaces themselves and the visual relationship they have with their urban surroundings. Capturing the paradoxes and juxtapositions as we recognise their importance then continually challenge their existence.


David Lockwood

Finding Fangorn has been developed in partnership with 'The Mersey Forest' and the Tree Charter Campaign, which is led by the Woodland Trust - The Charter for Trees, Woods and People will guide policy and practice and set out the rights and responsibilities of the people of the UK to their trees. It will launch on the 6th November, the 800th anniversary of the 1217 Charter of the Forest. The new Tree Charter will draw its strength from the hundreds of thousands of people across the UK that sign it in 2017.


The project will also be on display from the 26th October to 26th November 2017 at the Open Eye Gallery, Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront and features as part of the talks in the 'Trees, Woods and People' event on the 6th November 2017 at the Open Eye Gallery -


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Bluebell Wood.


L9 7AL

Mersey Road Wood.


L17 6AQ

Priory Wood.

St Michaels

L17 7BG

Croxteth Country Park Woods.

West Derby

L12 5HW

Dam and Mull Woods.


L12 0JP

Little Wood.

Stockbridge Village

L12 0AJ

Netherley Wood.


L27 6PG

Black Wood.


L25 6JE

Childwall Woods.


L16 0JL

Clarke Gardens Wood.


L25 7UL

Woolton Wood.


L25 7TD

Mill Wood.


L24 6SX

Stockton‘s Wood.


L24 1XD



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Craven Wood.


L12 0JP